Contribution to revitalizing local farmers and communities

Meshiyutaka Farm connects rice farmers to producers directly, and contributes to the revitalization of local producers and community.

Meshiyutaka Farm


Meshiyutaka Farm is rice and cattle farmer in Iide Town, Yamagata Prefecture.

Iide Town, where Meshiyutaka Farm is located, is the one of the most beautiful villages in Japan and the traditional farmhouse surrounded by a wall of trees looks like little islands, which is breathtakingly beautiful.



Fresh and Qualitative Agricultural Products in Iide Town

【KOSHIHIKARI】【New Harvested In October 2019】Produced In Iide Town, Yamagata Pref. Free Shipping


Japanese people have loved Koshihikari rice for its moderate stickiness and elasticity, mild fragrance, dense umami (delicious taste) over decades.


【TSUYAHIME】【New Harvested In October 2019】Produced In Iide Town, Yamagata Pref. Specially Cultivated Rice Free Shipping

¥2,250 ~

Tsuyahime in Meshiyutaka Farm has been produced as Specially Cultivated Rice called Tokubetsusaibaimai, which uses 70% less pesticides than regular rice, strictly monitored by Yamagata Prefecture.





We work with carefully selected products from producers in the Okitama Region

Yoshihiro Umetsu

Meshiyutaka Farm Producer

I value flexible minds and humble attitude to grow rice

Produced rice:
Tsuyahime, Haenuki, Koshihikari, Sasanishiki

Keiko Saito

Rice farmer in Nagai City, Yamagata Prefecture

We produce only carefully selected qualitative products:

Tsuyahime (rice)


Hidenmami (beans)