【SASANISHIKI】【Newly Harvested】Produced in Iide Town, Yamagata Pref

A rare type of rice newly harvested from on September 20, 2020 from Yamagata’s Okitama district – Iide Town. It has smooth and light texture with less stickiness that goes well with Japanese food such as sushi.



[New rice Sasanishiki] Harvesting started on September 20, 2020

At Meshiyutaka Farm, we have been growing Sasanishiki, which is now considered rare from 2019. In the past, Japanese rice was Sasanishiki and Koshihikari, but Sasanishiki is vulnerable to illness and cold damage, and rice is easy to fall down and difficult to grow.

Sasanishiki’s smooth and light texture with less stickiness goes well with Japanese food and sushi. Its modest sweetness enhances the taste of delicate dishes and ingredients.

It is truly Japanese rice that you will not get tired of eating.

Although it is vulnerable to diseases, Meshiyutaka Farm grows healthy rice by sparse planting, and Sasanishiki rice grows quickly without losing the disease.

Sasanishiki grown by special methods such as sparse planting, and you can eat as much as you want with its smooth and smooth taste.

Meshiyutaka Farm’s Sasanishiki is a safe and secure rice with 70% less pesticides and 50% less chemical fertilizers.

Meshiyutaka Farm
At Meshiyutaka Farm, about 20 Yonezawa beef are bred, and rice straw and weeds around the rice fields that can be harvested in the process of rice production are provided as meals for the cows, and the cow dung is sprayed on the rice fields as compost. Practicing circular agriculture with homemade compost.

Seedlings are planted by sparse planting, and we grow strong and disease-resistant rice, and each grain is a big delicious rice.

We refrain from spraying unnecessary nitrogen, do not burden the rice fields, use farming methods that utilize the soil’s fertility, and reduce pesticides by 70% and chemical fertilizers by 50%.

In the Shimotsubaki district of Iide Town, where Meshiyutaka Farm is located, silicic acid, a mineral contained in the melted snow from Mt. Iide, which is essential for making delicious rice, is poured into rice fields in early spring, and the soil is sticky and really delicious rice. It is the best land pattern to make.

For more information on Meshiyutaka Farm, please refer to this link.

Iide Town, which is described as a town rich in rice, and Iide Town, where you can make delicious rice, which is especially noteworthy in the rice kingdom of Yamagata Prefecture.

Please enjoy the finest rice directly from farmers.

Producer: Yoshihiro Umezu, Saichi Ito