【HAENUKI】【Newly Harvested】Produced in Iide Town, Yamagata Pref.

Rated “Special A” for 22 consecutive years in the Japan Grain Inspection Association.

A brand of rice Yamagata Prefecture is proud of. Newly harvested from September 21, 2020.



We use color-sorting machine to remove cracking rice and also carefully check the rice by our eyes before packaging and shipping to our customers.

【Newly Harvested Rice in September 21, 2020】

We harvested Haenuki rice from September 21, 2020.

Yamagata Prefecture is well known place growing the high quality and taste of rice in Japan and people in Yamagata is relatively picky about rice taste. In this circumstance, Haenuki is the most favorite rice among them as their daily consumed rice.

Haenuki rice is moderate stickiness, and the grain is firm and elastic.

【HAENUKI Rice produced in Iide Town, Shimotsubaki area】

Haenuki rice received the highest grade, Special A in taste ranking from the Japan Grain Inspection Association since 2010 for consecutive 22 years.

You must satisfy the Yamagata’s most renowned rice brand taste.